Wilhoit Trip to Italy Website  

About our Trip

2007 was a big year for the Wilhoits. David turned 40 in March and Anne will turn 40 in August. In addition, in March we celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversery.

Anne had always wanted to go to Italy and decided that she was going for her 40th Birthday. David was notified that he can go if he wants to.

Where did we go?

We spent a little over two weeks in three locations:

  • 4 days in Rome

  • 7 days in Tuscany region

  • 3 days in Venice

  • 1 day in Zurich

What about the kids!!!

We had a lot of help to take care of the girls. They spent time with both set of grandparents, as well as, with the Frappias up in Tahoe.

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