Last Update: 11/03/2003

The Wilhoits
Homat Commodore #420
5-13-28 Roppongi
Minato-ku, Tokyo  106-0032
+81 3 3586-6197

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US Womens Champions 2016

Amanda Grace Wilhoit - Self Portrait

Dance 10.... Looks 10

Katie and Gianna after Hula Performance

Can we keep them?

No I have never heard of Mr. Ed. Why do you ask?

Come on "Glue Stick" GiddyUp!!!

Katie admiring the valley

The girls in Hokkaido

Getting ready to attack the neighborhood

Amanda & Ayuko at Tae's (teacher) wedding

Our Old neighbors came Trick or Treating

Mommy's little Princess

Where are those little Dwarfs?

Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2003 at ABC International School

Daisy's Princess Birthday Party

Amanda Learning to Swim

Laundry Day

Ballet friends - Sabrina, Amanda, & Daisy

The Marketing Group together at Sato-san's Wedding (Can you spot Anne and I?)

My boss, Ross, with one of his many extended families

Our Weekend getaway to Kyoto

Watch out for the Piranas!!

Another Big Temple

Visiting the Golden Pavilion (Rokuonji) in Kyoto

Dragon Fountain in Kyoto

Where are the Wilhoits?