Joe Wilhoit


I am a baseball fan.  I have been since I was a young boy.  It started with a stack of San Francisco Giant cards from the sixties surrounded by a rubber band.

Well that stack of cards grew to tens of thousands and my love of the game continued to grow.

The history and tradition of the game is what captures me.  I can look at a old baseball card and it will bring me back in time.

This history is also a family history.  My great uncle, Joe Wilhoit played baseball.  He didn't have too much of a career in the majors but there is greatness still in his achievements and the era he played in.

bullet Still Holds Minor league record for most consecutive games with a hit (69)
bullet Played in the 1917 World Series with the New York Giants and lost to the White Sox.
bullet Played with Babe Ruth on the Boston Red Sox

I never met him but this website is a dedication to his baseball career.

David Wilhoit

Below are a few Articles about Joe Wilhoit

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